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Retainers have blossomed into many different categories from a standard Hawley to the latest in long-lasting vacuumform technology.  Whatever your needs are, Granite Labs can make you the best-fitting retainers.

Tmj Splints / Night guards



​From Bionators to Swartz appliances, we have what you need to motivate tooth movement.

Palatal Expanders/ Space Maintainers

Tmj splints can be made for the upper or lower arches, hard acrylic or hard acrylic with a soft inside to aid in patient comfort. 

Do you need to protect new veneers from grinding damage?  Try an anterior protector with a soft inside and hard outside.  

Our lab uses Snap Lock RPE screws to prevent unwanted backing of palatal screws. Its superior design will give you and your patient ​hassle-free operation during the expansion phase of their treatment.

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