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The Ultimate Retainer

Why is it called the Ultimate Retainer? Simply because it's amazing!


Long term Invisalign retention

Retaining teeth post orthodontics

Tooth protection- Clenching and grinding 

Teeth bleaching

Veneer Protection


Why we love them and why you want them:

Granite Orthodontic labs has been producing these amazing retainers with stunning results.  In the past 19 years we haven't had a single failure of these amazing retainers.  Our Ultimate Retainer requires no adjustments. How much time do you spend adjusting acrylic splints chairside?

For retention: So thin and comfortable yet these retainers will never crack.  Your patient can rest assured that this retainer is built to last!


Invisalign Retainers:  Hard clear retainers have limited life and can be thicker and uncomfortable.  Using the Ultimate Retainer will give your patients longevity and greater comfort due to thinner construction.


For Bruxers: Protect those teeth! Standard acrylic splints can be harmful because of several reasons, one being: cracking.  Acrylic can be dangerous to injest. The Ultimate Retainer will never crack and won't sluff plastic due to bruxing. It is  made to withstand the abuses of a bruxer!

Bleaching:  The soft bleaching trays can allow tooth movement post orthodontics.  The Ultimate Retainer can bleach the teeth while retaining at the same time.


Veneer protection:  Worried a patient will chip or break a veneer grinding their teeth, Allow the Ultimate Retainer to protect your art work and give your patient peace of mind.


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